Easy Approaches To Learn How To Hypnotize Someone

Published: 31st January 2012
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Hypnotism has always been one of the most popular acts that people around the world want to learn. By learning how to hypnotize other people, they can easily command a person to do anything that they want; help people who are seeking for mental stability; or even aid themselves when it comes to problems that are caused by the mind and can only be solved through using the same thing. There are a lot of hypnotism techniques that you may try in order to achieve some of your goals that involve mind power.

One method that you can try if you want to learn how to hypnotize people is done while using objects that either reflects or emit light. Examples of these objects may include a pendant made of metal, a small light bulb or the like. You simply have to use these objects in order to help people concentrate and develop a certain state of deep body relaxation. After they have reached that state, all you have to do is talk to them softly and make them feel as comfortable as possible.

Having said all of these things you must now try to ask that person to do a particular thing such as commanding him to raise his hands or to stand up. If he follows these things without hesitations you may now ask him to do more complex actions such as forgetting his problems for awhile and the like. This method may be difficult to do but it really has something that would help a lot of people in their problems. In fact, you may use this kind of hypnotism in order to help a friend or a family member who experiences depression, stress and the like.

Another method that is worth trying if you want to learn how to hypnotize people is through "word feeding" In this method all you have to do is to constantly talk to a person until he could not be able to focus on what you are saying and all that he can to is to just listen. It would be more effective if you would try to insert contrasting ideas across the conversation. The hypnotism comes as you add hidden messages in the conversation.
These messages would not be digested by the conscious mind of your listener but would be interpreted by his subconscious mind thus following whatever you will be telling him. Unfortunately, this kind of technique is commonly used by people who want to take advantage of others including thieves, burglars and the like. However, you may still use it in a more productive purpose such as when helping a friend to get motivated or when asking your mother to become more thrifty.

Hypnotism that uses music is another method that is worth a try. In this method, all you have to do is to use a relaxing music such as classical music or a piece that uses string instruments in its background. This music serves as the thing that would do the same thing that the first method can do. The only difference of using music is it could actually affect even you who could also hear it. Some people believe that music pieces that have hidden messages use this kind of hypnotism.

These hypnotism techniques are just some of the wide array of ways that you can use in order to control your mind or the mind of other people and all of these should be used accordingly. This means that it should not be used with the intention to hurt other people.

Learning how to hypnotize someone is a pastime of many. Thousands of people benefit when they also learn how to hypnotize themselves since hynotisism can be very beneficial in everyday life.

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